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June 22, 2024

Viewpoints and Picnic Areas


There are two exceptional viewpoints in Coaña: Bustabernego viewpoint and Jarrio’s Peak viewpoint, located at 470 m. and 365 m respectively.

The panoramas from these points are wide and beautiful.


Bustabernego viewpointLocated to the south of the council, it offers a broad overall view of the coastline and Navia’s valley, and it is worth noting the mouth of Navia´s estuary.

Access: In the main road N-634, when we are at El Espin, we take the local road AS-12 (Navia-Grandas de Salime) and when we reach kilometre 9, after passing the village of Trelles, we turn right towards the viewpoint following the signposting.


Jarrio viewpointFrom this viewpoint it is possible to watch the wide coastline thoroughly, even the villages in the bordering autonomous community of Galicia.

Access: In the main road N-634, at the village of Jarrio, we take the local road CÑ-1 towards Coaña. A few meters ahead, we will find on our right the old rural schools, where we will see, on our right, the signposts to the viewpoint.

From this point and going through the village of Torce, we will go up slowly and soon we will come across a path on the left that will lead us to this beautiful viewpoint.


There are four picnic areas in the council of Coaña: S. Luis, Foxos, Torce and Salías.


S. Luis Picnic AreaIt is located in the parish of Villacondide, near the Castro (hill-fort) of Coaña and the village of Villacondide. Provided with picnic tables, barbecue hearths and fountain, it is the ideal place to enjoy the nature.

There is also a small chapel, where, every 25th of August, takes place a procession in Saint Louis’s honour.

In the main road N-634, we take the turning to the road AS-12 (Navia-Grandas de Salime) and after passing the access to the Castro of Coaña (hill-fort of Coaña) we will find, on our right, the signpost that indicates the way to the area and we just have to turn once more to the left.


Foxos beach picnic areaIt is located on the left bank of Navia´s estuary and very close to the village of Ortiguera (parish of Mohías). It is equipped with picnic tables and barbecue hearths. It is the perfect place to relax listening to the murmur of the waves.

Access: We leave the N-634 and we take the turning to the village of Ortiguera. Once we are in the village of Mohías, we will come across the signpost to Foxos on our right.


Torce picnic areaThis beautiful picnic area is located in the village of Torce (parish of Folgueras) and near Jarrio’s Peak. Apart from picnic tables and barbecue hearths, there is also a children’s playground.

Access: We leave the main road N-634 at the village of Jarrio and take the local road CÑ-1 towards Jarrio’s Peak Viewpoint. When we get to a crossroad with a public washing place, we turn right and soon afterwards we will see this cosy area on the left.


Salías picnic areaIt is in the village of Cartavio (parish of Cartavio) and it is also located on a wonderful viewpoint overlooking the Cantabrian Sea. It is equipped with street furniture like benches, litter bins, picnic tables, barbecue hearths, fountains, etc. There is also a big car park and a little shelter (a wooden roof on pillars) which could be useful in case of rain.

Access: We leave the main road N-634 towards Cartavio and follow the road signs to Armazá Beach.


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